Ladies Class


We at Progressive Tactics Martial Arts feel it is part of our responsibility to offer a FREE self defense class for women so we have a class each month from October thru April held on the first MONDAY at 8pm. It is a 1 hour class and each class covers several different topics including your bodies natural weapons, structural weak points (you and an attacker), mind set, attitude, statistics, goals, and much more.

This is a FREE class. You are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing and arrive 5-10 minutes early to fill out registration forms and loosen up before class. It is a partially physical class (but not too demanding).

IF you are interested in donating- we accept food and blankets for local animal shelters. We accept food/clothing for local churches and shelters. We also accept cash donations for the PTMA multi use funds, helping students, or community members at different charity functions. All these are voluntary and not required for participation in class.

Please call/text 313-520-2057 to reserve a spot or email to: