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William Barker

William Barker photo William Barker
  • 6th dan Master
  • Lakan Lima

Hi, and thank you for reading this.  I initially opened the Brownstown location in 1997 as "Barker's Tang Soo Do" but later changed the name to Progressive Tactics Martial Arts.  I teach the majority of the Adult karate classes and modern Arnis classes. I am also responsible for creating and distributing content for all of our classses so all our programs are focused on the goals of the club. 

I started my martial arts journey at about age 5 or 6, and again at 7 or 8.. probably again at 10 or 12... I was never disciplined or focused.  But I knew I needed and wanted to be in the martial arts so I always returned to it.  I began seriously focusing on it in 1984 and never looked back.  Multiple black belts and teaching certificates later, we have brought you the best of what I have learned from my 3 + decades of continous martial arts training.